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    Rules, Terms & Conditions Empty Rules, Terms & Conditions

    Post  Admin on 25/6/2009, 11:06 pm

    MUST keep strictly to the follow rules of HabboBabbo:

    A1. Do not be rude – Do not insult or be rude to other members, and always respect other people’s opinions.

    A2. Don't avoid the forum filter - This includes using punctuation to separate letters or to manually replace letters with asterisks (e.g. F***ing).

    A3. Do not bully other forum members - We will not tolerate any form of bullying on Habbconnect, via PM, rep, or posts.

    A4. Do not accuse others of scamming or hacking - Because we don't want innocent people being accused of illegal activities, we don't allow accusing others at all. This means it's also NOT allowed to accuse Habbox or Habbo Staff of abusing their powers on the forum. Also posting any images of people is NOT proof of them doing anything wrong as it could be an alteration. Even if you do have proof and know its 100% real, you should PM an administrator who may be able to do something.

    A5. Do not post private details or information – We do not allow you to post private information about yourself due to security concerns. Disclosing any information about another forum user without their consent is also not allowed. This includes

    Private messages
    Reputation comments
    Private conversations (MSN, Habbo, etc.)
    Images / videos of the user or social networking profiles (Bebo, Facebook, etc.)
    Trying to organize real life meet-ups

    It is not allowed to give out the personal details (specific address, phone number etc) of anyone, forum user or otherwise.

    A6. Do not use this forum for practices that are considered illegal by Habbo Hotel - Don't use this forum for anything that is "against the Habbo way". This includes name programs for hacking, scripting, or working together with hackers or scripters in any way. These are some examples of things you must not do:
    Buying/selling accounts
    Selling furniture for money
    Promoting breaking the Habbo Way/T&C (this includes breaking the law)
    Posting non-public information about new releases

    A7. Do not post inappropriate content, links, or images – Images or links with inappropriate content or pictures, such as swearing, gore, or nudity are not allowed.

    A8. It is not allowed to talk about adult subjects like s*x – Graphically describing sexual acts or acts of violence is not allowed.

    A9. Do not post on the forum using a different language - Posting in any language other than English is not allowed (this does not apply to coding languages in the web design forums). There are some exceptions such as "Bonjour," "Ciao" or any other well known basic words. This rule does not apply to VIP subforums.

    A10. Do not be a negative factor on the forum – This includes posting to cause arguments, unnecessary attacks on forum staff or general bad manners and attitude towards other forum members. Moderators, as always, will have the final say on whether a member is constantly being negative on the forums.

    A11. Do not post pointlessly – A pointless post has no relevance to the topic, any previous post or is meaningless (ghnrgher etc). A pointless thread either has no meaning, is something posted that is not true (e.g. false story in news and rumours) or a thread that doesn't prompt a discussion (eg. post the colour of socks you're wearing).

    A12. Do not multiple post - Multiple posting is allowed after the 15 minutes edit time has passed only if you are adding new information.

    A13. Leave moderating to the moderators – If you see someone breaking a rule, click the report post icon on that post with a brief description. Also, you may not discuss bans on the forum. If you wish to dispute a ban use the Support System. Also, you should never ignore a moderators warning, change their warnings, or open a thread they have closed.

    A14. Do not give or ask for pointless reputation – Give reputation points because the post helped you or you found it funny or insightful – not because the person is your friend. It is not allowed to ask for reputation either, whether directly or indirectly.

    A15. Do not bump threads - If the thread is old, make a new thread instead. You can reply to an inactive thread as long as the post contributes something worthwhile to the discussion being held at the time. This rule does not apply to stuck threads.

    A16. Do not make threads titles which have no relevance to the actual post - Do not make thread with titles like "see this" or "something interesting" or something similar to these. Put a title which is relevant to the thread and not something completely different.

    Moderators Can Choose Their Own Ban Or Number Of Infractions, Taking Into Account The Default Ones For Each Rule.

    DJ Matt
    Habbo Babbo Founder! Very Happy

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