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    [HabboBabbo] Keep It Rapping Empty [HabboBabbo] Keep It Rapping

    Post  Admin on 8/12/2008, 8:30 pm

    As the Canada Keep It Real campaign comes to a close, the final competition comes into sight. Users are posed with the challenge of creating an anti-retro rap that shows all the dangers and misconceptions of retros, and why the real Habbo is the place to be.

    Entrants should remember, though, that their entry must stay within the limits of the Habbo Way. Habbo Staff might not like retros, but that doesn't mean they want you shouting offensive curses and insults at them and their owners! Once you've made an oath to yourself that you'll not break the rules, click HERE to enter. The twenty winners will each bag the Keep It Real Badge On The Forum and a Sack of Credits.

    Click This Link Under This Text Is To Enter!

    Written by Catboo2 - News Reporter on 8 Dec 2008

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